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Rave the World Radio is a free, hybrid, underground radio station - an enthusiastic project from a hyperactive dreamer. Special thanks to all the artists composing beautiful music. This website www.ravetheworldradio.com doesn't use cookies. Optimized for the desktop, mobile-optimized for Google Chrome, possible end transmission in Android standby mode with other web browsers.


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I'm very proud after just 130 days #ravetheworldradio launched, in my homeland they've set up Digital Audio Broadcasting DAB+ radio services. Soon - no more analog FM - analogue to gossip.
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Latest Played

5) Song 10 - SoundHelix, T. Schürger -

4) That's What I Feel - johncarises from Pixabay -

3) Song 6 - SoundHelix, T. Schürger -

2) Song 15 - SoundHelix, T. Schürger -

latest: Ice And Fire - Electronic Deephouse - Michael Ihde -

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Artists List || Music Licence

I am much obliged to the artists from around the world.

Artist Licence Licence URL
ATB, Morten Granau Remix, Luka Jagor AltMix Luka Jagor derivative mashup
ATB, Morten Granau Remix, Luka Jagor AltMix link
bellesemijoiasloja from Pixabay Music by bellesemijoiasloja from Pixabay
bellesemijoiasloja from Pixabay link
Dawa download at PumpYouUp.com
Dawa link
DJ Basilisk DJ Basilisk: now available for streaming and downloading
DJ Basilisk link
johncarises from Pixabay Music by johncarises from Pixabay
johncarises from Pixabay link
Mascalito »Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.«
Mascalito link
Michael Ihde Music by Michael Ihde from Pixabay
Michael Ihde link
Monolink, ARTBAT Remix, Luka Jagor AltMix Luka Jagor: This is my first music mashup, I hope you'll like it
Monolink, ARTBAT Remix, Luka Jagor AltMix link
SoundHelix, Georg Feil »You are free to add the files obtained here to your music library and sync them to your MP3 player. But if you want to use them publicly in your youtube videos, stage plays, wedding ceremony or whatever you should ask the remix artist beforehand. Or at the very least give proper attribution.«
SoundHelix, Georg Feil link
SoundHelix, T. Schürger »You may use these audio examples in any way you like, but you must give credit to SoundHelix and the artist of the respective song.«
SoundHelix, T. Schürger link
Z8phyR (Donovan) from Pixabay Music by Donovan from Pixabay
Z8phyR (Donovan) from Pixabay link
Zoungla »Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.«
Zoungla link

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